A close-up of Wander's face
Gender Male
Species Human
Voice Actor Kenji Nojima

Wander (ワンダ "Wanda") is the protagonist in Shadow of the Colossus. He's a determined youth tasked with defeating sixteen massive colossi to bring back the soul of a dead girl. His only companion is his horse; not much else is revealed in terms of his origin or personal life.


[edit] Appearance

Wander is a youthful warrior with medium length red hair held back by a blue headband and deep, blue-gray eyes. His skin is very pale despite his lengthy travels and only gets worse as the game progresses. He wears a brown short-sleeved shirt underneath a patterned shawl which has a design representing the weak point insignia that appear on the colossi. His arms are covered in bandages and thick bracelet bands and he wears shorts paired with knee guards. He wears basic sandals on his feet and his sword's sheath is tied to the left side of his waist.

As you progress in the game, you will notice changes in Wander's appearance. The battle-worn warrior will appear pale and wearied with darker eyes and hair, dirtier skin, ripped clothes, and a small pair of horns will have begun to grow on his head.

[edit] Background

Not much is revealed about Wander's past. The game opens with a scene of his travels to the Forbidden Lands, which legend claims houses a spirit capable of controlling the souls of the dead. In his explanation to the voice spirit Dormin, he explains his journey was made in hopes of reviving the sacrificed girl Mono and that he is willing to do anything to make it happen, no matter the cost. His resolve is unshakable.

Agro's loyalty to her master implies that they had been together for a long time, and Wander is a skilled rider indeed. He can wield both a sword and bow on horseback, although on foot his bow is clearly his more practiced weapon; his sword swings are delayed and clumsy. This most likely has to do with the fact that the ancient sword he wields was stolen on the way to the Shrine of Worship.

Multiple aspects in the game hint that Wander may have been a part of whatever tribe Lord Emon rules. He was able to find Wander in a short amount of time and deal with the situation accordingly. Wander expresses no surprise seeing Emon nor offers any sort of greeting when they meet in the Shrine of Worship. Emon's warriors also seem to have similar skill sets and wear similar clothing to Wander.

[edit] Story

Warning: The following contains major spoilers pertaining to the game's plot.

Wander's story is a tale of undying love and determination. It begins with his journey to the Forbidden Lands, during which he steals the ancient sword, the only weapon capable of defeating the sixteen colossi trapped there.

Having traveled far and wide on his horse Agro, carrying a young woman's body wrapped in a blanket, Wander arrives at the Shrine of Worship, a giant temple located at the end of the tall and lengthy entrance bridge, right in the middle of the lands. He places the body on the alter and pulls away the blanket, revealing the appearance of the girl Mono and awakens Dormin, the spirit legend says is able to control the souls of the dead. Dormin explains to Wander that the act of deterring the natural cycle of life and death is forbidden and can have dire consequences if one chooses to mingle, but Wander insists it needs to be done and he will do whatever it takes, no matter the cost. On that note Dormin explains that he will revive the girl, but Wander must first destroy all sixteen icons in the shrine. In order to do this, he must defeat each of their incarnations- sixteen colossi that roam the lands- which when slain will cause each to have its respective statue crumble. Wander accepts without hesitation and sets off to find the first colossus.

Time passes and the colossi fall. With the help of the spirit voice Dormin and the magic sword, Wander is able to exploit the weakness of each colossus and slay all sixteen. He looses Agro before the final fight when the bridge to the sixteenth colossus collapses and she bucks Wander off, sacrificing herself. With nothing left, he approaches the final foe alone.

When Malus falls and the final statue crumbles, Wander is transported back to the shrine to find Lord Emon and his men staring in awe at the crumbled remains. Emon explains to Wander that Dormin is an evil spirit that was only using him to free itself from the sacred seal and that Wander is now possessed and ungodly. This is clearly shown by his dark black hair and glowing white eyes, although no response is offered as he continues to limp toward Mono. To stop him, one of Emon's men shoots him in the leg with his bow, causing him to fall. Wander then begins to crawl and reach toward Mono, to which event he is stabbed in the chest by another of Emon's men to "put him out of his misery" as his leader commanded. A dark film then envelopes Wander's body as Dormin emerges, towering and powerful inside the shrine.

Emon's men shoot at the beast and retrieve the ancient sword, eventually making it to the end of the shrine to safety. Rushing out of the temple, Lord Emon stays behind to banish the beast once and for all. At the top of the shrine near the exit, he trusts the sword into the air and watches as it falls into the pool at the bottom, creating a force that begins to pull the beast into its light. As Dormin's form fades, Wander's appears in the aftermath, continuing to reach for Mono. After as much resistance as he can muster is put forth, he too is sucked into the pool, causing the vortex to cease.

Mono awakens and Agro returns, and they make their way to the end of the shrine. Inside the gap where the pool once was, they find a naked baby (Wander) with a small pair of horns protruding from his head. Mono lifts the baby and follows Agro to the sacred garden at the top temple where they find wildlife which implies they will be able to survive, despite Emon and his men having destroyed the only entrance and exit when they took their leave.

[edit] Controls

Command Action
Left Control Stick Move Wander
Right Control Stick Move Camera
R1.png Grab/Hold On
Left Stick + R1.png Creep
Tri.png (hold for hight)/While next to Agro Jump/Mount
Tri.png + R1.png Dodge Roll
Square.png Swing Sword/Ready Bow (Attack)
Left Stick + Square.png Aim with Bow
R1.png + Square.png (hold to charge) + Square.png Hold On/Charge/Stab (Colossus)
Tri.png + Square.png Swing Sword in Midair
Tri.png + hold R1.png + Square.png Stab Down
X.png (hold to look toward her) Call Agro/Colossus Attention (varies by distance)
O.png Interact
Up.png Draw Weapon
Left.png or Right.png Switch Weapon
Down.png Return Weapon
Start Open Map

See also: Agro Control Scheme

[edit] Gallery

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