Thirteenth Colossus

Phalanx the Trial Drifter
The thirteenth colossus
Latin Name Aeris Velivolus
Height 200 feet (wingspan)
Weight 1000 tons
Length 557 feet
Location Vast Desert (E6)

Phalanx is the thirteenth colossus Wander must defeat. It is the largest colossus, stretching a massive 557 feet, which is almost three times as tall as Malus when standing upright. It is found in the middle of the desert southwest of the Shrine of Worship. Despite its size, Phalanx is the only docile colossus, never intentionally attempting to hurt Wander.


[edit] Dormin's Riddle

"Thy next foe is... The vast desert lands... A giant trail drifts through the sky... Thou art not alone."

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