Third Colossus

Gaius the Earth Knight
The third colossus
Latin Name Terrestris Veritas
Height 97 feet
Weight 160 tons
Location Canopy Lake (E2)

Gaius is the third colossus Wander must defeat. It awakens from its slumber onto two feet and stands upright as one of the tallest of the colossi. It wields a giant stone sword. Gaius can be found northwest of the Shrine of Worship atop an arena on a lake.


[edit] Dormin's Riddle

"Thy next foe is... A giant canopy soars to the heavens... The anger of the sleeping giant shatters the earth..."

[edit] The Journey To

[edit] Battle Walkthrough

[edit] Time Attack Mode

[edit] Trivia

  • In the Dormin Model Viewer, Gaius is the only colossus to wield a weapon on its model itself.

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