The Colossi

A size comparison of the sixteen colossi

The Colossi are sixteen giant incarnations of the statues housed in the Shrine of Worship. Wander is dealt the task of having to slay all sixteen if he wishes to bring back Mono's soul from the dead. They are spread throughout the Forbidden Lands and are later discovered to be holding a great power that was fragmented into sixteen pieces and sealed away.

All sixteen have Latin and English names, but in the Japanese version, they are nameless. They are instead each referred to by number.


[edit] Reference Chart

Number Name Latin Name Grid Location Agro Time Attack (N/H)
I Valus Minotaurus Colossus F5 No 2:30/2:50
II Quadratus Taurus Magnus F3 Yes/Optional 4:00/4:30
III Gaius Terrestris Veritas E2 No 6:00/5:00
IV Phaedra Equus Bellator Apex G5 Yes/Optional 5:30/5:00
V Avion Avis Praeda H4 No 5:30/5:30
VI Barba Belua Maximus D6 No 3:30/6:30
VII Hydrus Draco Marinus D2 No 12:00/8:00
VIII Kuromori Parietinae Umbra G6 No 8:00/7:30
IX Basaran Nimbus Recanto D3 Yes/Required 7:30/5:30
X Dirge Harena Tigris B4 Yes/Required 6:00/5:00
XI Celosia Ignis Excubitor F1 No 9:00/9:00
XII Pelagia Permagnus Pistrix G2 No 9:30/10:00
XIII Phalanx Aeris Velivolus E6 Yes/Required 12:00/13:00
XIV Cenobia Clades Candor C2 No 9:00/9:00
XV Argus Praesidium Vigilo G1 No 11:00/11:30
XVI Malus Grandis Supernus F8 No 9:30/13:00

[edit] Story

[edit] The Idols

There are 16 idols that line up the Shrine of Worship that resemble the colossi. In order to destroy them, the player must find and fight a colossi until they are killed. Once the player goes back to the Shrine of Worship, a cutscene will appear, showing the idol being destroyed.

[edit] Tendrils

Once the player defeats an colossi, several unknown black tentacles known as tendrils, come out of the colossi and chase the player until they get caught. The player now goes back to the Shrine of Worship to defeat yet again, another colossi.

[edit] Pillars of Light

A look at the shining pillars with Phalanx in flight
Each time Wander slays a colossus, the location at which the body lies will be viewable from afar by means of a gleaming light pillar. These pillars have been included in images from early points in development, and there has been much speculation as to what they may represent.

The pillars are helpful in locating previously fallen colossi for players who may want to rematch using reminiscence mode. All twelve pillars can be seen from the location of the twelfth colossus, Malus.

[edit] Reminiscence Mode

Reminiscence Mode is a way to battle colossi again without the constraints of time like in Time Attack mode. If the player travels to where a colossus has been defeated, the option will exist to pray to its remains, which if performed, will transport Wander to a vignetted, replayable version of the fight.

Like in the initial battle, if Wander leaves the area, the battle will end. If Wander defeats a Colossus in Reminiscence Mode and dies, he will be transported to the remains of the last defeated colossus as opposed to the Shrine of Worship, until he visits the shrine again and saves there.

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