Tenth Colossus

Dirge the Sand Tiger
The eye of the tenth colossus
Latin Name Harena Tigris
Weight 360 tons
Length 360 feet
Location Desert Cave (B4)

Dirge is the tenth colossus Wander must defeat. It resembles a giant sand snake and resides under the surface in a cave containing a desert area. The cave is located directly west of the Shrine of Worship.


[edit] Dormin's Riddle

"Thy next foe is... An isolated sand dune... Its tracks are well hidden... Shaking the earth, its gaze is upon thee..."

[edit] The Journey To

[edit] Battle Walkthrough

[edit] Time Attack Mode

[edit] Trivia

  • Dirge was labeled 'The Scariest Colossus' due to it's Game Over screen.

[edit] Gallery

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