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Team ICO
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Deals In Development
Division of SCE Japan Studio
Headquarters Japan
Founded In 1997
Owned By Sony Corporation
Parent Co. SCE Worldwide Studios

Team Ico (stylized as Team ICO) is a division of SCE Japan Studio, owned by Sony Computer Entertainment. The team consists of a small but skilled staff who have thus far worked on three titles, two of which were re-mastered in HD. The team is led by lead animator Fumito Ueda, who alone drafted the concepts behind Shadow of the Colossus. The team was originally comprised of people who worked outside the gaming industry, but who have worked together over time to evolve into a distinguished game development team. They are currently working on their third title, The Last Guardian (see below), which like its brethren games, features beautiful environment and character designs as well as complex animations.


[edit] Games Developed

Game Description
Na ico boxart.jpg

Released 2001, 2002 (all regions)

Ico, a young boy shunned by his people for having been born with a pair of horns on his head, is sent to a faraway fortress to perish. When fate plays its part and he manages to break free from his prison, he must then find a way out of the quiet but not uninhabited stronghold. He soon finds another prisoner, a young woman named Yorda, who he discovers cannot speak but is able to open the many gates of the fortress. Together, the two must combine their efforts to find a way out, all while avoiding the wrath of the potentially devastating puzzles, violent shadows, and the overseer, their queen.

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Sotc boxart.jpg
Shadow of the Colossus

Released 2005, 2006 (all regions)

In a land that has been forbidden for ages, where giants roam and very little life can be found, dwells a spirit that is said to be able to control the souls of the dead. Enter Wander, a young man who has traveled far on his faithful companion Agro to bring the body of a young girl who is said to have been sacrificed in hopes of bringing her back. With a stolen ancient sword and endless determination, Wander is tasked with destroying sixteen massive colossi to destroy their respective statues housed in a sacred temple. Should he complete this task, the mysterious entity Dormin promises to revive the girl, named Mono. Join Wander as he explores a vast, barren land and scales and slays the stone giants standing in the way of his beloved.

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[edit] Current Projects

Game Description
The Last Guardian

Release TBA

Although not much has been revealed in regards to the story, it can be concluded by looking at the revealed screen shots that the game is to focus around a young boy and a giant griffon-like creature. The two are seen together in a beautiful collection of temples, where the boy can ride the creature much like how Wander can ride Agro, however the creature can also climb walls and swim. The Last Guardian features similar visuals and possibility of similar game mechanics to its brethren games, however it has not been said if it is related to either two in terms of plot. It was originally projected to be released on the Sony Playstation 3, however rumor has it it may be a Playstation 4 title.

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[edit] Staff

Team ICO in February of 2002, shortly before the release of ICO

First row, from left to right: Taijurou Hachiya (absent), Shotaro Omori (absent), Nanako Omura, Hajime Sugiyama, Fumito Ueda, Kazuhiro Numata, Takeshi Ambe, Jinji Horagai, Chika Fukui, Toshihiro Ito, Takuya Seki

Second row, from left to right: Atsushi Abe, Chikara Ueno, Mitsuhiro Shimooki, Tsutomu Kouno, Kenji Kaido, Kei Kuwabara, Junichi Hosono, Atsuko Fukuyama

See also: Shadow of the Colossus for a list of game credits.

[edit] Affiliate Resources

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SCE Worldwide Studios Japan

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