Sixteenth Colossus

Malus the Grand Celestial
The sixteenth colossus
Latin Name Grandis Supernus
Height 196.8 feet
Weight 870 tons
Location Grand Mesa (F8)

Malus is the sixteenth and final colossus Wander must defeat. Malus resembles a human and is immobile, with feet stationed to the ground. It stands tall upon the top of a steep hill, allowing it to see all of the Forbidden Lands, particularly the beams of light that appear following the defeat of a colossus. Its area, located directly south of the Shrine of Worship, is inaccessible until all other colossi have been defeated. A gate blocks prior entry.


[edit] Dormin's Riddle

"Finally, the last colossus... The ritual is nearly over... Thy wish is nearly granted... But someone now stands to get in thy way... Make haste, for time is short..."

[edit] The Journey To

[edit] Battle Walkthrough

The battle starts very far away from the colossus, but it is already pointing at you. You must get to the top of the ramp and it will shoot you. Run behind a pillar to dodge the attack, until you find yourself near the climbing pillar. Climb around without running out of stamina, and jump. Failing the jump will cause a Game Over, however. Go through the underground ruin and, soon, keep going but roll instead. Soon, you will be underneath the colossus so it can't attack you. Go and climb up until you reach its abdomen. Stab the sigil on its back and it will try and reach you. Jump to its hand and stab it once it looks at you. Climb until you reach a patch of projectile and stab the furry sigil. It, once again, will reach over to you. Jump on the next hand and stab it once it looks at you. Shoot its left shoulder, then go to the last, and biggest sigil you can find on it. Stab it until it dies.

[edit] Time Attack Mode

[edit] Gallery

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