Shadow of the Colossus: Roar of the Earth

Shadow of the Colossus: Roar of the Earth
Music By Kō Ōtani
Publisher King Records
Released Dec 7, 2005 (JP)
Length 75: 36

Shadow of the Colossus: Roar of the Earth (ワンダと巨像 大地の咆哮) is the official original soundtrack composed by Kō Ōtani for Shadow of the Colossus. It was released exclusively in Japan on December 7, 2005.


[edit] Details

Roar of the Earth features original orchestrated pieces created specifically to compliment the game's emotional appeal. The tracks are only played in-game during cut scenes and boss fights to enforce the intended solitary atmosphere upon the player. Some of the tracks are exclusive to the OST, as noted below.

[edit] Reception

Roar of the Earth was met with positive reception from both critics and consumers, often receiving a flawless score for perfectly capturing the emotion in the game. The following are quotes from such reviews:

"Men have dubbed those lands as 'forsaken', 'accursed'. It seems the lifeforce of all that is around us disagrees, for that territory could not be any better. Nature was responsible for evoking every feeling possible during this adventure, from the loneliness of windy winding roads, to the anger of huge, thumping beats; from the sadness of a quiet lake serenade to the aggressiveness of the roar of the unknown; the happiness of a victory, and the disappointment with a defeat." - Square Enix Music (10/10)

"And so, here upon us, we have a monumental work that perfectly evokes solitude, fear, courage, and even hope. Few soundtracks have ever been this ambitious, especially those written for a video game, and even fewer have been this enjoyable and beautiful." - Sputnik Music (4.7/5)

[edit] Track List

Number Original Title (Hover for Romaji) Translated Title Duration
1 プロローグ ~古えの地へ~ Prologue ~To the Ancient Land~ 3:25
2 禁断の術 Prohibited Art 1:53
3 Commandment 1:53
4 黒い血 Black Blood 2:02
5 蘇生 Resurrection 1:54
6 巨像の気配 Sign of the Colossus 1:51
7 異形の者達 ~巨像との戦い~ Grotesque Figures 2:05
8 開かれる道 ~巨像との戦い~ The Opened Way 1:57
9 戦いの終り The End of the Battle 1:42
10 偶像崩壊 Idol Collapse 0:34
11 緑の丘陵 Green Hills 0:33
12 荒ぶる邂逅 ~巨像との戦い~ A Violent Encounter 1:57
13 甦る力 ~巨像との戦い~ Revived Power 2:18
14 湖畔 Lakeside 0:26
15 静寂 ~巨像との戦い~ [silence] 1:49
16 力への畏怖 ~巨像との戦い~ In Awe of the Power 2:12
17 ワンダの死 Wander's Death 0:45
18 最果ての地 The Farthest Land 3:22
19 忍び寄る影 ~巨像との戦い~ Creeping Shadow 1:47
20 背後からの使者 ~巨像との戦い~ A Messenger From Behind 1:52
21 反撃 ~巨像との戦い~ Counterattack 2:04
22 鳥葬 Sky Burial 1:44
23 閉ざされた都市 A Closed-Off City 0:30
24 放たれた番人 ~巨像との戦い~ Liberated Guardian 2:07
25 絶望との別れ ~巨像との戦い~ A Despair-Filled Farewell 2:13
26 祈り Prayer 1:51
27 駿馬 Swift Horse 1:44
28 廃虚の門番 ~巨像との戦い~ Gate Watcher of the Castle Ruins 2:03
29 聖域 Sanctuary 0:32
30 儀式の終焉 ~巨像との戦い~ Demise of the Ritual 2:20
Bonus Tracks (available on OST only)
31 追っ手 A Pursuer 0:30
32 復活の予兆 Premonition of Revival 0:50
33 エピローグ ~残されし者たち~ Epilogue 1:57
34 希望 Hope 2:09
35 陽のあたる大地 The Sunlit Earth 1:31
36 記憶 Memories 1:19
37 荒野 Wilderness 0:28
38 大地の声 Voice of the Earth 0:27
39 湿原 Marshlands 0:30
40 怒り Anger 1:52
41 最後の戦い Final Battle 1:53
42 最果ての地 The Farthest Land (reprise) 3:20

[edit] Credits

Composer Kō Ōtani
Recorder/Mixer Toshiyuki Yoshida
Recording Location Victor Studio
Mixing Location Appo Sound Project
Music Supervisor Tomonobu Kikuchi
Recording Producer Yuji Saito
Recording Director Masaru
Musician Coordinator Toshiaki Ota
Piano Irish Bouzouki
Synthesizer Programming Kō Ōtani
Percussion Midori Takada, Tomoko Kusakari
Trumpet Masao Terashima, Tatsuya Shimogami
Trombone Osamu Matsumoto, Junko Yamashiro, Makio Okawa
Horn Otohiko Fujita Group
Flute Takashi Asahi, Nami Kaneko
Clarinet Tadashi Hoshino
Oboe Masakazu Ishibashi
Fagotto Jousuke Ohata
Chorus Gey's AX
Strings Masatsugu Shinozaki Group
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