Shadow of the Colossus

Shadow of the Colossus
Sotc boxart.jpg
SotC English Boxart
Developer Team ICO
Publisher Sony Computer Entertainment
Director Fumito Ueda
Music Kō Ōtani
Release Dates Oct 18, 05 (NA)

Oct 27, 05 (JP)
Dec 15, 05 (KO)
Feb 16, 06 (AU)
Feb 17, 06 (EU)

Re-releases Jun 29, 06 (JP)

Aug 6, 06 (NA)
May 5, 07 (KO)

Reprints Feb 4, 10 (JP)
Ratings ESRB: T

CERO: 12+
PEGI: 12+
USK: 12+

Genre Action/Adventure
Player(s) 1
Platforms PS2, PS3 (HD)

Shadow of the Colossus (ワンダと巨像) is Team ICO's critically acclaimed "spiritual successor" and prequel to their original title ICO. The game was directed by Fumito Ueda, produced by Kenji Kaido, and published by Sony Computer Entertainment. It was originally released on the PlayStation 2 in 2005, first in the US, shortly followed by Japan, then released worldwide over the course of the following two years. The game was recently re-released in HD on September 22, 2011 as part of the ICO and Shadow of the Colossus HD Collection for the Playstation 3. The game features vast, beautiful landscapes and unique gameplay, involving the scaling and slaying of giant titans. It lacks typical gameplay elements such as interactive characters and side quests, giving it a barren yet realistic feel.


[edit] Synopsis

The story of Shadow of the Colossus revolves around the main protagonist Wander, a young man who travels great distances on his horse Pablo to the Forbidden Lands in hopes of reviving the soul of a girl who was sacrificed for reasons unknown. He seeks the power of a spirit of legend who is able to control the souls of the dead. He will do whatever it takes to bring her back, no matter the cost.

Inside the Shrine of Worship, a holy structure in the center of the lands, Wander places the girl Mono on the alter and is greeted by an ethereal voice. It warns him of the dangers of the lands and scoffs at him for being so foolish as to oppose the natural cycle of death. This spirit, known as Dormin, tells Wander that if he can destroy all of the statues in the temple, that it will revive Mono's soul. In order for him to complete this task, he must scour the lands for sixteen colossi and slay them all. In doing so, the corresponding statues in the shrine will fall. Wander sets out without question or hesitation with nothing but his horse, an ancient sword, and his bow.

As Wander slays the colossi, a shaman Emon and a group of men are hastily traveling to the lands in which Wander fights, fearing a grave danger in some sort of ritual. The more colossi Wander slays the closer they get. Once Wander defeats the sixteenth and final colossus, Emon and his men finally reach the shrine, and the truth is revealed. Wander was being used by Dormin, a powerful spirit that was fragmented and sealed in each of the statues, only to be freed if someone were to slay the colossi with the magic sword. Wander was being used.

When Emon orders his men to kill Wander and one stabs him through the heart, Dormin takes form from its host and towers over the men. As Wander fights for control with the beast, Emon's men seize the magic sword, after which it is thrust into the pool at the back of the shrine, creating a vortex to seal the spirit once again. Upon leaving the shrine, Emon and his men destroy the arc bridge, the only thing that connects the Forbidden Lands to the outside world. Back in the shrine, Dormin is quickly sucked into the light vortex, leaving a struggling Wander who fights against the pull, reaching out toward Mono. His attempts fail, and he is sucked in as well.

Mono awakens and looking around the shrine, hears sounds from the other end, where the pool was. She finds a baby in the depression, small with red hair and a little pair of horns, the same kind that Wander had after being possessed by Dormin. After being joined by Agro, she cradles the baby and travels to the top of the shrine where sunlight and wildlife greet them, and the game ends.

[edit] Characters

Name Description
Wander.jpg Wander Wander (ワンダ "Wanda") is the protagonist in Shadow of the Colossus. He's a determined youth tasked with defeating sixteen massive colossi to bring back the soul of a dead girl. His only companion is his horse; not much else is revealed in terms of his origin or personal life.
Agro portrait.jpg Agro Agro (アグロ "Aguro") is the protagonist Wander's horse. Often mistaken for a male, she is a loyal steed and his only companion throughout the game. She would do anything for her master and accompanies him in every fight whose battleground she can reach, even if she cannot assist.
Mono.jpg Mono Mono (モノ Mono) is the deceased girl carried to the Shrine of Worship inside the Forbidden Lands by Wander in hopes of having her soul brought back from the dead. Mono stays lifeless and on the alter through the course of the game, although each time a colossus is slain, her voice is heard louder during the time Wander is transported back to the shrine. The only thing revealed about her death is that she was sacrificed.
Dormin.jpg Dormin Dormin (ドルミン Dorumin) is the entity whose being is sealed within the Shrine of Worship. It is the voice that warns Wander he is trespassing and that his request to revive Mono will yield dire consequences if granted. Dormin explains that it will revive her if Wander slays the sixteen colossi spread across the Forbidden Lands and provides him guidance and tips throughout the entire process.
Lord emon.jpg Lord Emon Lord Emon (エモン "Emon") is a tribe leader that plays an important role at the end of the game. He commands a small army of men and follows Wander to the Forbidden Lands.
Valus.jpg The Colossi The Colossi are sixteen giant incarnations of the statues housed in the Shrine of Worship. Wander is dealt the task of having to slay all sixteen if he wishes to bring back Mono's soul from the dead. They are spread throughout the Forbidden Lands and later discovered to be holding a great power that was fragmented into sixteen pieces and sealed away.

[edit] Gameplay

In Shadow of the Colossus, players spend most of their time exploring the Forbidden Lands in search of fruits, lizards, save points, and of course, the colossi. Wander is able to travel on foot or on horseback and fights with either his bow or the ancient sword. When approached, each colossus awakens and presents its strategically designed body of which Wander must devise a strategy to defeat.

Combat typically involves scaling each colossus in search of a weak point that Wander must stab with the ancient sword to inflict damage. Most weak points are located in hard to reach spots like the top of the head or on the edge of a wing or tail. The colossi will struggle by shaking or reaching toward Wander in attempts to obstruct him. Some colossi are impossible to defeat without the utilization of the surrounding environment and some battles require Agro. It is important to approach each colossus with attention to structure and detail.

Players can also spend time exploring the vast Forbidden Lands in which they can find fruit hanging from trees that will increase health capacity. There are also lizards, mostly around save points, with glowing tails that can be eaten with the side effect of increased stamina. The more a player explores, the less clouded the map becomes. The colossi must be fought in the order in which the ancient sword guides the player, however once a colossus is defeated, the battle can be relived if the player visits the physical remains or the statue in the Shrine of Worship.

[edit] Development

Shadow of the Colossus began as project Nico (Next ICO), a direct sequel to ICO.

[edit] Reception

[edit] Shadow of the Colossus (PS2)

Since its first release on the PS2 in 2005, Shadow of the Colossus has remained one of the most highly-revered PS2 games to date. When the game released in Japan in 2006, it sold 140,000 copies during its first week, which were much higher figures than its predecessor ICO. This is believed to have been the result of a massive advertising campaign pushed by Sony to increase exposure, which is something they failed to do previously.

On August 6, 2006 the game was added to Sony's Greatest Hits collection. It currently holds a score of 91.43% on, based on 94 critic reviews.

[edit] The ICO & Shadow of the Colossus Collection (PS3)

The HD collection continues to receive the same praise.

[edit] In Other Media

In the 2007 film Reign Over Me which features Adam Sandler as a depressed widower.

[edit] Other Media

[edit] Soundtrack

Please see our page Shadow of the Colossus: Roar of the Earth for information on the official soundtrack.

[edit] Film Adaptation

On April 7, 2009, it was announced that Sony Pictures would be adopting Shadow of the Colossus into a film. Kevin Misher, producer of The Scorpion King and The Interpreter is set to produce while Josh Trank (director of Chronicle) is set to direct. Game creator Fumito Ueda will be involved in the film's production. As of 2014, there have been no announcements reveling casting or a release date.

[edit] Game Credits

Game Production
Director and Game Designer Fumito Ueda
Planning & Game Script Junichi Hosono, Masashi Kudo, Takashi Izutani
Planning & Camera Testing Takeshi Asano
Planning & Sound Testing Makoto Yamaguchi
Character Design Shunpei Suzuki, Hitoshi Niwa
Character Animation Atsuko Fukuyama, Masanobu Tanaka, Daisuke Uchikawa, Sousuke Honda, Tatsuhiko Tachibe, Rory Little
Recording Director Masaru
Effects Design Hironobu Nakano, Yuta Kimura
Field Design Koji Hasegawa, Masanori Kajita, Kazuhiro Numata, Takeshi Okazawa, Kayoko Sato, Kibi Wakisaka, Atsuhiko Terada, Takeshi Ochiai, Nanako Omura, Mitsuhiro Shimooki, Katsuhiko Abe
Field Collision Jun Tsubuku, Takashi Kawashima, Nao Yamasaki
System Programming Jinji Horagai
Motion System Programming Hajime Sugiyama
GUI Programming Takuya Seki
Script System Programming Takeshi Nakagawa
Camera Tool Programming Teppei Ikeda
Animal System Programming Kazutomo Sasaki
Tools Programming Toshihiro Ito
Line Producer & Project Manager Kenji Kaido
Executive Producer Yasuhide Kobayashi
Supervisors Ahira Sato, Fumiya Takeno, Masatsuka Saeki, Tomikazu Kirita
Sound Production
Music Composer Kō Ōtani
Recording Producer Yuji Saito
Recording Coordination Masaru
Recording and Mixing Toshiyuki Yoshida
Music Supervisor Tomonobu Kikuchi
Sound Design Keiichi Kitahara, Kouji Niikura, Noburo Masuda, Tsutomu Fuzawa, Tsubasa Ito
Sound Manager Shinpei Yamaguchi
Voice Recording Director Takatoshi Yoda
Voice Recording Coordinator Junichi Umehara
Voice Recording Engineer Masatsuna Chubachi
Voice Actors
Voice of Wander Kenji Nojima
Voice of Mono Hitomi Nabatame
Voice of Dormin Kazuhiro Nakata (male), Kyōko Hikami (female)
Voice of Emon Naoki Bandō

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[edit] Box Art

[edit] PS2

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