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A close-up of Mono's face
Gender Female
Species Human
Voice Actor Hitomi Nabatame

Mono (モノ Mono) is the deceased girl carried to the Shrine of Worship inside the Forbidden Lands by Wander in hopes of having her soul brought back from the dead. Mono stays lifeless and on the alter through the course of the game, although each time a colossus is slain, her voice is heard louder during the time Wander is transported back to the shrine. The only thing revealed about her death is that she was sacrificed.


[edit] Appearance

Mono is a young woman with black hair and pale skin. She is dressed in a white and purple robe with no shoes or accessories of any sort. It is believed that Wander stole her body straight from the ritual grounds.

[edit] Background

Mono is the deceased girl that Wander brings to the shrine of worship in the forbidden lands in hopes of bringing her soul back from the dead. All that's known about her past is that she was sacrificed due to a cursed fate and is cared for by Wander very much. It is possible that Lord Emon played a part in the ritual that claimed her life, but there is no solid evidence.

[edit] Story

Warning: The following contains major spoilers pertaining to the game's plot.

Mono's body is carried to the forbidden lands by way of horseback, specifically as Agro's passenger. For the duration of the game Mono can be found upon the alter in the Shrine of Worship. You are unable to interact with her, but Wander will do so in particular cut scenes, such as in the one following the fight with the eighth colossus where he envisions her awakening and then touches her face. With each colossus that Wander defeats, her voice can be heard louder and clearer during the time he is transported back to the temple. She is heard calling Wander's name.

Following the sealing of Dormin and (surprisingly) true to its promise, Mono awakens. She appears to be confused, but remains calm nonetheless. When Agro returns to the temple, Mono greets her in a way that makes them look as though they knew each other. Together, they walk to the end of the shrine to find the baby Wander lying in the hole where the pool once was. She gently lifts the baby and following Agro, takes him to the sacred garden where the final scene plays out.

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