Lord Emon

Lord Emon
Lord emon.jpg
Lord Emon Unmasked
Gender Male
Species Human
Voice Actor Naoki Bandō

Lord Emon (エモン "Emon") is a tribe leader that plays an important role at the end of the game. He commands a small army of men and follows Wander to the Forbidden Lands.


[edit] Appearance

For most of the early game, Emon is masked. His mask covers his whole face and resembles an animal. It is mostly white with a red nose and small ears with slits for the eyes to see. He eventually lifts his mask, revealing an older man with short grey hair and stubble. He wears grey garbs and a red afghan much like the one Wander wears.

[edit] Background

Emon is the body behind the voice that narrates the opening story (revealed by observing his mask). He is knowledgeable about the Forbidden Lands, where they are located, and what had occurred there centuries ago. It seems as though he was aware of Wander's intentions and knowingly followed him to the Forbidden Lands to thwart his attempts to revive Mono. A small group of warriors accompanies him on his journey.

[edit] Story

Warning: The following contains major spoilers pertaining to the game's plot.

Lord Emon first appears during the game's introduction, where his mask can be seen floating in a mysterious fog. His voice echos in the background, providing an explanation about the Forbidden Lands, emphasizing its history and the danger that lies within as a result. The language spoken is fictional.

Throughout the course of the game, Emon and his men make brief appearances as they travel on horseback, their destination the Forbidden Lands where it is believed they have tracked Wander to be. After the defeat of the twelfth colossus, they are seen again, this time close to the Shrine of Worship, where Emon speaks of preventing a forbidden spell. This is assumed to be the ritual that revives Dormin, which Wander is contributing to in ignorance.

Once they reach the shrine, they find they are too late. The final statue crumbles and Wander is transported back. Emon walks to Mono and observes her state, then looks back at Wander, whose appearance is now completely warn, dark, and demonic. He reprimands him saying he is now possessed by the dead and that we was only being used by Dormin. He then orders his men to kill Wander and they attack, one of them stabbing him in the chest.

When Dormin is freed through possession of Wander, Emon's men distract it and retrieve the ancient sword. They all make way for the shrine's exit, but before leaving, Emon casts a spell on the sword and tosses it into the pond at the bottom of the stairs to banish Wander and Dormin. It is not known for how long the spell should have held, but as they leave, they destroy the only bridge granting entry or leave to and from the Forbidden Lands.

[edit] Speculation

There is much speculation as to Emon's true role to the plot, beginning with his ties to Wander and his possible involvement in the ritual sacrifice of the girl Mono. Although not heavily implied, the fact that he knew where Wander was going and why gives way to believe that he has connections to the both of them and may have played a part in her ritual death. The fact that there is no introduction nor surprise exchanged between Emon and Wander when they first meet in the Shrine of Worship further supports this, however the urgency of the unfolding events could be used to argue this point.

Further speculation centers on his potential involvement in the original sealing of Dormin, or at least that he is a descendant of those who have played a part. As stated before, he possesses knowledge about the Forbidden Lands, the events that unfolded there, and Dormin itself, more so than any other character. His role in the game's finale and appearance in the introduction as narrator serves as proof of this claim.

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