First Colossus

Valus the Minotaur
The first colossus
Latin Name Minotaurus Colossus
Height 70 feet
Weight 40 tons
Location The Valus Mountains (F5)

Valus is the first colossus Wander must defeat. Standing on two legs, this massive, club-swinging colossus resides in the quadrant just south of the Shrine of Worship at the top of the climbable cliff in the Valus Mountains.


[edit] Dormin's Riddle

"Raise thy sword by the light and head to the place where the sword's light gathers..... There, thou shalt find the colossi thou art to defeat.... Now, be on thy way."

[edit] The Journey To

After Dormin's explanation on how to use the ancient sword, hold up your blade to get a strong, skinny glow directly south of the shrine. You'll reach the remains of a temple, housed between two mountain walls. A cut scene will play to let you know you are on the right track followed by a tutorial that explains basic controls. Climb up the vine covered wall and head to your left. Jump over the gap, climb the wall and head right over the bridge to another gap and then a tree trunk where you will learn to dodge roll. Climb two more walls and then the pillar to your left, which you will need to climb around and jump off the other side to reach the cliff of the path that leads up to Valus.

[edit] Battle Walkthrough

Valus will not notice Wander at first, so it is a good idea to take advantage of this. Approach the colossus from behind by running toward the back of its left foot while its back is facing you. You'll notice the calf is furry; jump and grab on to the patch, making sure to hold on while it moves so as not to fall off. Climb up a bit until you reach the glowing spot (shown only with the magic sword drawn) and stab it. Valus will fall forward enough so that you can jump and grab hold to the next part of its leg and make your way up the back of its body. Continue to climb and hold on when necessary, being sure to stand on the platforms on its back to replenish your stamina. Don't let it run out, or you will fall off and have to repeat the process from the beginning, which may be harder now that Valus is aware of your presence.

Once you make your way to the top of its head, be sure your sword is drawn and you should see its weak point appear. Repeat the process of grabbing, stabbing and holding on to deplete the colossus's health and win the battle. Once Valus's health reaches zero it will fall and a shadowy snake-like substance will fly out of the creature's weak spot and into Wander.

[edit] Hard Mode

Approach Valus the same way as in normal mode, however if you catch its attention be very careful, as a connected hit with its club means instant death as opposed to suffering decent damage in normal mode. Stab the minor sigil on the back of his leg and climb upward, but this time jump to the right platform (second level) and then to the weak spot on his arm. Stab it until 25% of its health is depleted and the mark disappears, then make your way to the head for the other 75%. Use the platforms and areas such as his neck and shoulders to replenish your stamina.

[edit] Time Attack Mode Times

Normal Mode Hard Mode
2:30 2:50

[edit] Gallery

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