A close-up of Dormin's face
Gender Unknown
Species Unknown
Voice Actor Kazuhiro Nakata, Kyōko Hikami

Dormin (ドルミン Dorumin) is the entity whose being is sealed within the Shrine of Worship. It is the voice that warns Wander he is trespassing and that his request to revive Mono will yield dire consequences if granted. Dormin explains that it will revive her if Wander slays the sixteen colossi spread across the Forbidden Lands and provides him guidance and tips throughout the entire process.


[edit] Appearance

Dormin is introduced as a spiritual entity with a voice that sounds as though many people are speaking at once. When Dormin speaks, the camera focuses on the temple ceiling where a hole with shining light exists. This (incorrectly) portrays Dormin as a heavenly being. He maintains this appearance and the two sectioned below for most of the game.

Each time a colossus is slain, black, tentacle-like shadows emerge from the final sigil and enter Wander's body. These are fragments of Dormin's being.

Bodily Figures
Shadow figure.png
After a colossus is slain and Wander is transported back to the shrine, dark, bodily figures hover over him until he awakens. There is a new body with each colossus slain, representing once again a fragment of Dormin that was sealed within the colossi.

When the sixteenth and final colossus is slain and its respective statue falls, Dormin in released from its prison in the shrine and retakes its true form, using Wander as a host. Dormin is a massive, dark being made completely of shadow. It has horns on its head and glowing white eyes supported by a broad muscular body. It has no facial features and shadows on its back that represent hair.

[edit] Background

Dormin was once a very powerful collection of spirits, now fragmented and sealed away inside sixteen massive statues, housed in the Shrine of Worship. Each statue has its own respective colossus which can be found in one of the many sections of the Forbidden Lands. When a colossus is slain, its statue will fall, thus freeing the part of the Dormin that is trapped there. Dormin is comprised of many souls and refers to itself as "we" when it speaks, which is the only thing it can do during its imprisonment.

[edit] Story

Warning: The following contains major spoilers pertaining to the game's plot.

When Wander enters the Shrine of Worship, he first walks to the alter and places Mono's body upon it. The presence attracts the attention of shadowy figures that rise from the ground to attack, but when Wander holds up the ancient sword, the shadows fade and the camera focuses on the light in the ceiling, revealing Dormin's voice. As though many people are speaking at once, the voice(s) engage(s) Wander in conversation. Dormin explains that Wander is trespassing upon forbidden lands and scoffs when Wander explains what he wants done (to have Mono revived). Dormin then explains that it can indeed control the spirits of the dead, but that it goes against natural law and has dire consequences. When Wander says he doesn't care, Dormin says it can be done, but only if Wander destroys all statues in the shrine by slaying the sixteen colossi of the land. Wander accepts and so Dormin offers a few starting pointers such as how to use the ancient sword's abilities to navigate the lands and sends him on his way.

Dormin serves to assist Wander in bringing down the colossi by hinting at their appearance, locations and abilities. Dormin also reveals tips as to where the sigil(s) are on each colossus if Wander appears to be struggling to find or conquer them. About half way through the game when Lord Emon and his men are approaching, Dormin warns Wander that others intend to get in the way of his plans and that he must make haste.

When the final colossus is slain and the sixteenth statue crumbles, Lord Emon and his men arrive at the shrine just in time to see Wander teleported back. Emon yells at Wander, asking him if he knows what he has done and reveals Dormin's true nature and purpose. Dormin simply used Wander to slay the colossi to free itself which had been segmented and sealed away in the shrine long ago. It is revealed that the tendrils that sprouted from the colossi after defeat are strings of Dormin's being, at that with each round that punctured Wander, Dormin possessed him more and more strongly.

Shortly after Emon's explanation, Wander is slain by one of Emon's men, his body is enveloped in darkness and Dormin takes its true form from its young host. It explains how it was sealed away and only using Wander to be freed. Angry at Emon and his men it prepares to attack but struggles as Wander's being fights for control. It is during this time that the player is able to control Dormin for a short while, but the controls are sluggish to represent the struggle.

Emon's men steal the ancient sword and make it to the end of the shrine to safety. On his way out, Emon thrusts the sword into the pool of water at the end of the room in attempts to banish the beast once again, this time for good. A vortex of light blasts from the pool, pulling Dormin's being into it. As Dormin fades, Wander's figure becomes apparent and struggles not to be pulled in. Despite his efforts, he too succumbs to the light, and the pool dries, quiet returning to the shrine once more.

True to its promise, Mono awakens, presumably because of Dormin.

[edit] Controls

Command Action
Left Control Stick Move (Slowly)
X.png Roar
Tri.png Jump
Square.png Crush
R1.png Crouch

See also: Wander Control Scheme, Agro Control Scheme

[edit] Gallery

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