Agro portrait.jpg
Wander mounted on Agro
Gender Female
Species Horse

Agro (アグロ "Aguro") is the protagonist Wander's horse. Often mistaken for a male, she is a loyal steed and his only companion throughout the game. She would do anything for her master and accompanies him in every fight whose battleground she can reach, even if she cannot assist.


[edit] Appearance

Agro has a dark brown coat with a white patch just between her eyes on the bridge of her nose (default appearance). The following skins can be unlocked by completing the specified tasks:

[edit] Unlockable Skins

Color Action
Brown agro.jpg Brown Aggro After completing Normal or Hard Time Attack Mode, hold Square.png on the title screen.
White agro.jpg White Aggro After beating Normal and Hard Time Attack Mode, hold O.png on the title screen.
Ico agro.jpg ICO Aggro If there is ICO save data on the memory card/PS3 system memory, Aggro's forehead will automatically sport the ICO symbol.

[edit] Background

Agro is the protagonist Wander's horse. She is undoubtedly loyal and responsible for getting Wander to the Forbidden Lands, as depicted in the opening scene. With how well Wander handles her, it is believed they have been companions for a long time. She can always be found by Wander's side and answers his every call. She even so much as accompanies him during battles with the colossi, even if she can do nothing to assist. The only time she is ever far is when Wander is in a place she cannot access.

[edit] Story

Warning: The following contains major spoilers pertaining to the game's plot.

In the game's intro, players can see Agro carrying Wander and another body wrapped in a cloth through lush landscapes across far distances. This is the journey to the Forbidden Lands, which takes place after Wander steals the ancient sword. After some tricky navigation, the two enter the Shrine of Worship, Agro standing by as the introduction of Dormin takes place. Although nothing can be said because of her species, Agro seems to understand the importance of the mission to her master and thus she carries him across the land and through dangerous battles to help him reach his goal.

Before the battle with the sixteenth colossus, the two come across a long, unsteady bridge. With a mounted Wander, Agro begins to gallop full speed and almost makes it, but the bridge crumbles too soon. Before falling with the rest of the rubble thousands of feet below, she bucks Wander off to safety on the other side of the bridge and is shown plunging into the body of water below.

After the final Dormin scenes play out and Mono awakens, Agro is shown to have survived and somehow managed to limp her way all the way back to the shrine looking for her master. She greets Mono with a nod and despite her injured leg, limps to the back of the temple to where the pool once was to find the naked baby Wander. She then leads Mono and the baby to the sacred garden at the top of the temple where the ending scene depicts the three of them as something of a compassionate family.

[edit] Controls

Command Action
Left Control Stick Move Agro
Right Control Stick Move Camera
Tri.png (next to saddle) Mount
Tri.png (jump toward saddle) + R1.png (to grab on) Quick Mount
X.png (hold to maintain) Speed Up/Top Speed
O.png (while moving) Raise Sword
O.png (stopped, no weapon) Pet Agro
X.png (when still) + Left Stick (down) Fast Start
X.png (when moving) + Left Stick (down) Fast Stop
Fast Start + Fast Stop (while slowing down) 180° Turn
R1.png + Left Stick (up) Stand Up While Riding
R1.png (hold) + Tri.png + Left Stick (left or right) Hang Off Side

See also: Wander Control Scheme

[edit] Gallery

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